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We are proud to welcome you here. IJMB Academy was established 18 years ago and has a rich history of turning out students with exceptional results, who later proceed to pursue their desired undergraduate courses. Our students come from different backgrounds and they contribute to the academic and social richness of the centre.
The website gives the opportunity to explore deeply as you discover IJMB A/level, the Academy and what the future promises when you apply here. Don't take our word for it, you can talk to us or our alumni if you have further enquiries.

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Are you considering IJMB A/Level? All our students begin as prospective students. The section on Prospective Students is rich in information that you may seek. You can learn about IJMB A/Level, the Academy and what you stand to achieve when you decide to study here. Click here to explore
We offer quality supports to all our students from being prospective students to being alumni. Welfare, Accommodation, Counselling and Career Guidance are components of the supports that you will enjoy. The Supports unit also regulate student activities / societies. Click here to visit Supports Section
Whether you are just considering to apply or have already applied and need to continue your registration, this section is home to all you need to become a student here and make your dream a reality. Click here to apply / continue registration
As a student here, you will participate in different academic, religious and social activities that make up student life. There will be lots of experience and events that linger on long after your studentship here. Click here to read about Student Life
You can shop for all the materials you will need as an IJMB student from this section. These include syllabus, textbooks, past question papers, subject booklets, etc. Many of these items will be given to you when you enrol for the programme. Click here to visit IJMB Store